Welcome Friends,

Our wedding date: February 27, 2015
Days Remaining

A wedding is the start of togetherness… of lasting friendship and love, shared meals and experiencing the beautiful moments of life with each other by side.
With god’s grace, and our parent’s blessings, the day has come when Sarita and I are taking a step forward to build a wonderful life together. And on this day, we seek your blessings and best wishes.
It would give us great pleasure to have you with us on our special day. Please treat this as a personal invitation and make the occasion a really memorable one with your presence.

Brijesh Maurya

c/o: Shri Rama Shankar Maurya

Address: Vill. Mirjawan Sardar, Sardar Nagar, Chauri-Chaura, Gorakhpur

Sarita Maurya

d/o: Shri Ram Gopal Maurya

Address: Vill. Parani, Nayi Bazar, Chauri-Chaura, Gorakhpur

We have experienced love...
in our parents, families and
friends and now a new love in each other
Together with our parents, we
Brijesh Maurya
Sarita Maurya

invite you to share with us
a celebration of love
The Wedding ceremony will be held
on Friday,
27th February 2015
Vill. Mirjawan Sardar, Sardar Nagar,
Chauri-Chaura, Gorakhpur, UP